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I am looking for
HALPERIN - Rabbi Abraham Leib (Full name- Abraham Zarach Aryeh
Yehudah Leibish) and Rabbi Joel HALPERIN, of Brzezany, formely known
as Brezahn.
MOSKOWITZ - Rabbi Yoel MOSKOWITZ, who was a rabbi in the town of
[...] Rabbi Chaim HALBERSTAM [...]
Rabbi Abraham Zorach Judah Ari Lieb HALPERIN, author of Imrey
Yehudah, Admor Brzezany, who married Sarah,the daughter of Rabbi
Yoel MOSKOWITZ of Shatz, was the son of Rabbi Meshullam Feibush
HALPERIN (1810-1874), Admor Brzezany, who was the son of Rabbi
Naftali Hertz HALPERIN, ABD Brezany (Borjan), son-in-law of R. Tuvia
Jehiel Michal of Brzezany (1775-1845). Rabbi Naftali Hertz HALPERIN
married the daughter of Rabbi Joseph Joska Gottesman HELLER of
Laskovitz ( and Ruchama Leah, daughter of Rabbi Meir of Premishlan.

Rabbi Joseph Joska Gottesman HELLER of Laskovitz (1770-1858) was the
son of R. Simeon HELLER of Mauzein (1782-1840). R. Simeon married
Shenidel Leah, the daughter of R. Joseph Joska HOROWITZ of
Waltshek(Voloczysk) and av bet din of Jassy, son of R. Aryeh Leib,
grandson of the SHELA (R, Isaiah HOROWITZ). R. Simeon HELLER's
father was R. Meshullam Feibush HELLER (1740-95), who married Yente,
the daughter of R. Mordechai of Brezany. R. Meshullam Feibush
HELLER was the son of R. Aaron Moses Halevi HELLER of Snyatin
(married Vencha, daughter of R. Israel Moses, ABD of Tishmetz), son
of R. Meir of Sitri, son of R. Abraham of Skol, son of R. Yom Tov
Lipman HELLER, author of Tosaphot Yom Tov, a famous commentary on
the Mishna.

Since Rabbi Yoel MOSKOWITZ married Miriam Chayele, another daughter
of Rabbi Meir of Premishlan, Rabbi Abraham Zorach Judah Ari Lieb
HALPERIN and his wife were cousins. Their son, R. Joel HALPERIN,
Admor Jaslo-New York, married (1) Rachel, daughter of Abraham, son
of Samuel HOROWITZ of Dembitz, who perished in Holocaust with three
children and (2) Rachel, daughter of Abraham son of R. Elijah
HOROWITZ (no issue). Rabbi Joel HALPERIN had at least three
surviving children Sarah, Chayim and Channiah, who married Dina
(Dintze), the daughter of R. Elimelech RUBIN.

My grandmother, Minna (Packer) TAUBER (a"h), who was also descended
from Rabbi Meir Premishlan, related how she spent her summers as a
child in Sucheva, Rumania, at the home of her relative, Chayale, the
wife of the Shatzer rebbe, and remembered Chayele carrying her
father's walking stick. She would play with Joel HALPERIN, who was
told that he could play with her even though she was a girl because
she was his cousin. My father (a"h") met Rabbi Joel HALPERIN who
confirmed the story.

Larry Tauber
New York

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