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On 2007.05.21, Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@bellsouth.net> wrote:

Recently, the remnants of a book were found under the floor of a
house in the shtetl of Kupiskis, Lithuania [...]
The information on the front page of the book is as follows:
Title - Zichron Yakov - Remember Jacob
Torah Interpretation
By Yakov Gefen
Publisher - Vilna Publisher, F. Garbera, Zavalaya Street, Bldg. 25.
Can someone identify this book for me and tell me something about it
and its use? Perhaps tell me about the author?
There is a website called Hebrewbooks.org which has some 11,000
rabbinic books available for free download. The book "Zichron
Yaakov" is available there. >from the little that I read in the
introduction it appears that the author lived in Kupiskes, and
therefore received an approbation >from the Rabbi of that town. Also,
although the book was published in 1915, the approbation was written
in 1895. It contains novellae on several tractaes of the Talmud.

Aryeh Lopiansky

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