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After much correspondence with Austrian military sources (before the
Internet) and the assistance of a military researcher, I learned
that after the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the
military records of its constituent parts were sent to the
respective countries, i.e., Poland, etc.

Unfortunately, I never was able to locate records for my grandfather
either as an officer or ordinary soldier. However, I do remember
individuals who were able to locate the military files of their

There appear to be more resources on the Internet now regarding
military history and records since the time when I was first doing
research. In regard to the Jewish participation in Austro-Hungarian
military affairs, for instance, there were found to be
approximately 10,000 - 20,000 Jews who served between 1859-1866 in
the Habsburg army.

Further, the Joint Army in 1872 had 12,471 Jewish enlisted men in
the reserve/active duty and by 1902 there were 59,784. The rank and
file in comparison declined by 1911 which may be accounted for by
mass emigration to America and other places.

The Austro-Hungarian Army had a one-year volunteer service and when
statistics were first kept in 1897, it was found that there were
1,993 Jewish reserve officers and 680 Jewish reserve military
officials. So, in 1897, this meant that every 5th reserve officer
and every 4th reserve military official was Jewish.

These fascinating statistics and more can be found in "Beyond
Nationalism: a social and political history of the Habsburg Officer
Corps 1848-1918" by Istvan Deak which can be found by Googling it
on the Internet.

Another book which can be Googled on the Internet is entitled:

"Jews and Other Ethnic Groups in a Multi-Ethnic World" edited by
Ezra Mendelsohn, et al. One of the chapters by Erwin A. Schmidl of
the Austrian Army Museum, Vienna, discusses Jews in the
Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces, 1867-1918. It is a fascinating look
at the part played by Jewish soldiers in the Empire.

It is a wonderful asset to now be able to actually read many of
these resources directly on the Internet which are in English.

Ann Rabinowitz

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