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Linda Shefler

I'm looking for information regarding Rebbe Yechiel Tzvi
CHEMERINSKY. He was born about 1860 (possibly a bit earlier) and
immigrated to Israel in 1871. He died in Israel in 1931.
Unfortunately, I don't know where he was born; the closest I can
come is "Russia."

Reb Yechiel had a daughter Batya Chia MAKLEFF (nee CHEMERINSKY) who
was born about 1880 and was murdered in Motza during the 1929 riots.
This is the only child of the Rebbe that we are aware of.

I am not interested in the MAKLEFF family; I am only interested in
learning about the Rebbe and his family. Please respond privately.

Thanks in advance and Shabbat shalom.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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