ViewMate translation request - German to English #austria-czech


I have posted three WWI postcards written in German for which I need a

There are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

I have more than 25 postcards and letters written by
my late step-GF, Josef (Pepi) ZIPPER B.Vienna 1890, to his family
and his fiancee (later wife) during his service in the Austrian army
during WWI and
from PoW camp in Serbia in 1914/15 and hospitalisation in Budapest etc.
from 1914 to 1916.
I have already had a few of these postcards translated (with
grateful thanks to Lily and Barbara) but it seems that some of
these are written in "old" German, which apparently is not so
easy to translate.
I have therefore placed three of these cards on Viewmate and would
very much appreciate it if anyone is willing and able to have a
look at these, as my knowledge of German is virtually nil.

A general translation (rather than a word-for-word translation)
would be enough I think.
I would appreciate if any translations could be sent to me at
leah9knud at activ8 stop net stop au

Many thanks in anticipation.

Lorraine Bertelsen

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