Bracha Kidron-Gewirz of Kibbutz Gazit #galicia

Barbara Musikar

I am trying to locate Bracha KIDRON-GEWIRZ or any of her descendents.
Bracha was a member of Kibbutz Gazit in the 1980s when she wrote a
memorial in honor of her grandmother, Pesia Feige YOEL, in the
Mikulince Yizkor Book. Bracha was the daughter of Aharon Wolf GEWIRZ.

My grandfather's brother, Judah Meir RUBIN, of Strusow was married
to Miriam GEWIRZ of Mikulince about 1876. Judah Meir and Miriam were
born circa 1855. As far as I know they had four surviving children
out of six offspring, Nuchem Joel 1877, Baruch 1886, Ettie 1888 and
Sender 1891. Uncle Judah was still alive in 1925 when his sister,
Roza RUBIN PADWA left for the U. S. His son, Baruch, may have been
the Baruch RUBIN mentioned in the Mikulince Yizkor Book as perishing
in the Shoah.

Any help in locating Bracha or her descendents would be appreciated.


Barbara Rubin Musikar
President JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Surfside, FL

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