Re: Additions to JOWBR #usa

Israel P

I am of course pleased to see that there are additions to JOWBR, but I
think it would have been a more useful announcement had it told us what
cemeteries had been added.

That would probably not have made the announcement longer than say some
of the monthly yizkor book announcements.

Israel Pickholtz
(writing >from Salt Lake Ciuy)

- Carolynne Veffer (JGS Toronto) -
13 Toronto cemeteries (8,000 records)
- Bruno Segal - Botosani, Romania (~13,200 records).
- Terry Lasky - 11 Colorado cemeteries (~17,700)
- Susan Melnick (Rauh Jewish Archives) -
9 Pennslyvania cemeteries (>5,300 records)
- Rabbi Ed Cohen - 185 Connecticut, 31 western Massachusetts
and 8 Rhode Island cemeteries (~90,000 records)
- Gilda Kurtzman -
Significant additions and revisions of Israeli cemeteries

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