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Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>

An Israeli auction house will be holding a Judaica sale on
2/2/2010, with many items of interest to genealogists.

Besides the ?regular? items like manuscripts, letters and photos
of various rabbis, here are few of the other interesting items:

1) Tombstones inscriptions >from the Old, Non-existing, Jewish
Cemetery of Iasi (Romania). Covers the years 1665-1864 (the
majority is >from 1800-1850). The notes (241 pages, Hebrew &
Romanian translation) document the Rabbis of Iasi and environs,
their families, and families of the fathers of Chassidut who
lived in those areas.

Call to Arrange Marriages for Sons and Daughters,
By Rabbi Binyamin Freidman, Miskolc (Hungary) 1937. Yiddish.
Printed pamphlet for proposing marriage possibilities with details
about the "candidates", including their lineages.

3) List of Donors to Hospital and School in Jerusalem ? Vienna, 1844

4) Torah wimple, of Yehudah Moshe Yechiel Ettinghausen's Brit Milah,
1883. Embroidery with green threads: "Yehudah Moshe Yechiel, son of
rabbi Naftali Ettinghausen

google ?Judaica auction 02/02/10 in Jerusalem? or similar

Best regards,

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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