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I am looking for a complete genealogy of the TaZ (Turei Zahav), Rabbi
David Ha-Levi Segal. He lived in the 17th century. I know that the
works of Rosenstein and (separately) Wunder refer to a few specific
branches of his family, but I am looking for something that more
comprehensively looks at the TaZ.

I know I descend >from the rabbinic Heilperin family, and I know I
descend >from TaZ. What I do not know for sure is if I descend >from
the TaZ specifically through the two known Heilperin connections (the
marriage of Meir of Opatow to TaZ's daughter, and the marriage of
Isaac of Tiktin to TaZ's granddaughter).

Incidentally, my farthest back ancestor (documented) that connects to
the rabbinic Heilperins and TaZ was Rabbi Reuven Halpern A.B.D. of
Glowno, died 1816. He was my 5th great grandfather. Its likely his
wife's name was Szifra. He may have been the first A.B.D. of Glowno,
since I know it was a very small community at that time. I suspect,
but have not proven, that he connects to Rabbi Aryeh Leib Halpern,
A.B.D. Sochaczew (very close to Glowno) , who lived in the 18th century.

Since my genealogical documentation is very scant on this point, I
hope that a deeper investigation will lead to more definite information.

Feel free to contact me privately with detailed family information,
or to the group if you have some general information.

Thank you!

Steve Bloom
Farmville, VA

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