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Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

Too bad I did not know of your existence when I was a librarian at HUC in
Cincinnati. My late husband's cousin's husband was a direct descendant of
Rabbi Natan Shternhartz, the disciple of Rabbi Nahman. He died about fifteen
years ago. His daughter does not know anything about the family.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Ganei Omer, Israel

Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz
Dr. Ida Selavan Schwarcz

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After two years of hitting the "brick wall", I am trying again for
connections, suggestions, etc. My hope is that someone will have a
connection to this family.

I have been told that "Dov Ben Yehuda Lieb BARSKY" (died 1915 in Kiev), was
a descendent of R. Nachman of Breslov. He was married to Channah Mirium bat
R. Avraham, who died in 1920.

Over the last few years I have not found proof of this. Any ideas would be
welcome. Thanks.

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