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Hi Hanna,

You wrote:
My name is Chana Harmelin-Palmon; I'm researching the family history
of my HARMELIN/HERMELIN family >from Galicia. My grandparents lived in
Busk, but the Harmelin/Hermelin family was originally (at least since
1730) >from Brody. There were three Rabbis that I know of - in shtetls
in Galicia - whose surname was Harmelin or Hermelin:
1) Rabbi Moshe Arye-Leib Harmelin >from Brody (1826-1893), who had a
printing house for Hasidic books, mainly. He wrote the books: "Hacholetz",
and "Chazon More".
2) Rabbi Levi-Yitzchak Harmelin - the Rabbi of Olesko and Podkamien; he
wrote the book: "Alon Bachut". Perished in the Holocaust.
3) Rabbi David-Baruch Hermelin >from Lviv. He wrote the book: "Efod Bad".
Several books are is among the collection of the National Library of Israel
in Jerusalem
1. "Sefer haholetz" - call no. is: 22 V 10839
2. There is another book by Moshe Arieh-Leib H. which call no. is R 4= 96 A
3. "Efod Bad" - its call no. is: Fi 8348

I hope these books will help you in your research.

Shana Tova and Hag Sameah!

Mathilde Tagger
Israel Genealogical Society

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