Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Re: Congregation Beth Aaron Chasidim D'Koidanoff - Manhattan #rabbinic

David Shapiro

áúàøéê 10/29/2010 8:04 AM, öéèåè Rabbinic Genealogy SIG digest:
Does anyone know the religious practices for this Manhattan Synagogue
[Congregation Beth Aaron Chasidim D'Koidanoff] between 1905 through 1915?
This synagogue was apparently named for Rav Aharon of Kaidonov, who
passed away in 1897. His brother, Rav Sholom of Kaidonov wrote
"Mishmeres Sholom", about 1900, and published apparently about 1902 or
soon thereafter (publication date is not given on the title page). This
book gives the customs of Chassidei Kaidonov. I think it's reasonable to
assume that these customs were more or less closely followed in that
synagogue. A pdf version is available >from Hebrewbooks.org at

David Shapiro

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