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Mordechai Perlman

Benjamin Gabriel Gelman <benjamin.gelman@...> wrote:

I am trying to find out if the kevarim of the Ta"Z (R' David HaLevi) and the
Be'er HaGolah (R' Moshe Rivkes) are still intact, where they are buried, and
if there are any photographs of their kevarim.
The Taz was buried in Lvov (Lemberg), now in Ukraine. The cemetery
was destroyed in WWII. The Be'er HaGolah was buried in Vilna. At some time,
the Russians were planning to convert that cemetery into a park. Thereupon,
a number of Chabad Chassidim took upon themselves the task of transferring
as many graves as they could to a new location. A number of famous people
were moved, namely the Gra, his wife, daughter, the Chayyei Adam, the ashes
of the Vilna Ger Tzeddek, and Rav Chayim Ozer Grodzenski were moved. If any
other graves were moved, I don't know. If the Be'er HaGolah was not moved,
his grave is now unknown.

It is probable that Agudath Israel of America has information on
this and similar topics because Rabbi Chaskel Besser zt"l was the
Presidential advisor on Jewish graves in Europe. The phone number of Agudath
Israel in New York is (212) 797-9000.

Mordechai Perlman

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