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martin hecht <martinjhecht@...>

Could someone please clarify the confusion re: the TEOMIM, FRAENKEL and
TEOMIM-FRAENKEL families? I believe that some individuals or families/groups
took on the name fraekel or appended it to teomim because they lived in France.
Would anyone have details as to when and who originated this or perpetuated
this? Did the name begin as teomim and fraenkel was added or vice-versa, etc.
which families dispensed with or changed the name? some references(living,
virtual or textual) would be helpful. I am also aware of the combination
"rabinowicz-teomim" (e.g. Rabbi Eliyahu-Dovid R.T. (the "Aderes") and his twin
brother, who together wrote the sefer "To"omei Tzviya" in honor of their joint
bar-mitzvah! Is anyone aware of other combinations with "Teomim"? [My wife is a
descendant of Rav Yaakov Dovid Stiehl, Dayan in Vishnice, Galicia on the beis
din of the Aryeh d'bei Iloii, Rav Aryeh Leib Lifshitz, (he died in Krakow) about
6 generations back in the mid 1800's. R. Y.D. Stiehl is reported to have been
descended >from Rav Yonah Teomim, author of sefer Kikayon D'yonah, who stems >from
Rashi.We are missing the precise link, however. any clues would be helpful.]

martin hecht

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