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Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to very "sketchy" material of my family roots, one of my
ggreatfathers, Shlomo KANTOR of Pinsk (or Karlin) was the son of a
Rabbi Eliezer ben Yaacov Moshe (also of slonim) ben Avraham from
Slonim (with an outside chance that he was connected somehow to the
ha' Gr"a of Vilna). This "sketchy" chart I have does not clarify if
these were actually sons of or descendants of the predecesors. This
Eliezer had other and/or several children one of whom was an A.B.D. in
Karlin then in Kremenchuk (first name not given).

Does anyone have information as to who these Rabbis in Slonim were
(and their family trees) and if they indeed had familial connections
to the Gr"a.

On this chart there is also a mention of other individuals
(following), seemingly connected to the above Shlomo KANTOR's wife
Sara Hinde but it is not clear their connection to our family: Aharon
Mordechai HOLTZMAN, a Rabbi Eliezer of Kremenchuk (not noted on the
same side of the chart as the unnamed brother of Shlomo (her

Shabbat shalom

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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