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Ann Rabinowitz

I have obtained a series of 41 newspaper articles >from the period 1856-1902
which are written in Hebrew and are relating to life in the shtetl of Kupiskis,
Lithuania. These articles need to be translated into English and will be placed
on the Kupiskis ShtetLink site on JewishGen when completed. Most of the
material in the articles is either contained within a larger article or just a
few paragraphs, so the translation would not be significant. Many of the
articles mention other shtetls as well.

An example of what can be found in these articles and which proves their value
to more than those researching Kupiskis is the one translated by Paul Cheifitz
which referred to the marriage of Aleksander Baranov, the son of Rav Abba-Yakov
ha Cohen Baranov, Av Bet Din of Polotsk, Belarus, who married Henny Yudelmark of
Kupiskis in 1901. The interesting thing is neither family is mentioned in the
civil records, so for those researching them this is a bonus. It also provides
an idea of when Rav Baranov served in Polotsk. Further, there are also several
articles which discuss the interaction between the Hassidim and Mitnagdim in the
town which was one of two major shtetls in Lithuania to have an Hassidic
presence. Also, mentioned is the yeshiva in Kupiskis which was founded in the
1800's which attracted many adult students.

Several of the writers of the articles used pseudonyms such as Ben Dov or Sholom
ben Josh to hide their real identity and prevent official retribution if they
happened to write something untoward. The articles they wrote cover daily
events too as expressed in a column entitled "Things That Happen Every Day". Of
especial note were two fires which occurred in 1876 and 1886 which nearly
destroyed the shtetl. Other articles listed books of interest, contributors to
various charities, and indices of mentions of the shtetl in prior years in the
publications and tables of content for specific issues of the newspapers which
mentioned the shtetl.

If you are proficient in Hebrew and would like to learn more about this effort,
please contact me at Ann Rabinowitz, annrab@.... At some point, if
this project goes well, we would like to proceed with articles regarding
Rokiskis, Lithuania, which will then be placed on the Rokiskis ShtetLink site on

Ann Rabinowitz

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