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Michael Waas

I am currently reviewing material on the PARNES family of
Dubno/Vilna/Lvov. I have reviewed both direct material such as the
forward written by R' Zalman MARGOLIT in Megilah Emukot, by R' Natan
Neta SPIRA, as well as encyclopedic books like Ir Vilna and Dubno
Rabbati. I am at a crossroads and perhaps some of you may be able to
help me.

I have come across three separate paternal line Yichusim of the
family. In general, they all end at the brothers R' Haim Nachman
PARNES of Vilna and R' Itzhak Natan Neta PARNES of Lvov. They are as

a) Their father is Moshe Peretz PARNES. His father is Natan Neta in
Lvov, and they are descendant >from R' Natan Neta SPIRA.

b) Their father is Moshe Peretz PARNES. His father is Menachem Menush
PARNES. His father is Avigdor PARNES. His father is David PARNES. His
father is Moshe PARNES. His father is Abraham PARNES.

c) B is the same up until the father of David PARNES. Instead, David
is the son of Abraham PARNES. His father is Zev Vulf, (I believe son
or grandson of the second Maharashal of Lublin) and also a descendant
of the Taz.

Furthermore, I am looking into the likelihood that R' Itzhak Natan
Neta PARNES is the progenitor of my great-grandmother's family, owing
to similar family names that crop up between the PARNES of
Dubno/Vilna/Lvov and my family, who were apparently of some importance
as my great-great-great grandfather Moshe Yaacov PARNES ran a
government store in the area of Zloczow in Bialy Kamien. If anyone
knows anything about the descendants of R' Itzhak Natan Neta PARNES it
would be most appreciated.

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Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

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