Family from Galicia called LARHOLT #galicia

Debbie Bozkurt <debbieinscotland@...>

Can anyone help me please? I have spent many an hour searching for
the family name LARHOLT without success.

My Great Great Uncle David LATCHMAN married a lady called Annie
LARHOLT. Rumour was that her father was a close family friend of
another Great Great Uncle who originated >from Skala, Galicia.

I have found Annie and her family on the English Census 1901 aged
13, together with my Great Great Uncle Woolf STEINER (not the one
she married) as a boarder. The name had been transcribed as LARHALT
on the census. The place of origin states Ostreich Galizian, but I
have searched and can not find a LARHOLT or soundex in Galicia or
the whole of the JewishGen website.

I have also tried google to see If I could find out if LARHOLT is an
English version of a German/Polish name, no success.

Has anybody got any ideas? I am stumped.

Thanks Debbie

Debbie Bozkurt Outer Hebrides
Researching STEINER, London and Skala Podolskaya, BUCHBINDER Skala
Podolskaya and LACHMAN/LATCHMAN, SA, London, USA and Dublin and
Izbica Kujawska

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