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Michael Waas


I have a question that has come up lately that I'd like to see
answered. In my family and in a relative's family, we have a few
ancestors and associated family with the notation of MOH''R on their
tombstones. Yet, for all of the deceased, we have absolutely no record
of them as a rabbi (thus far). As far as I know, the appelation of
Moreinu HaRav only appears on the matsevot of rabbis.

I can send one of the relevant pictures to Viewmate and the other two
are on viewmate already.

For the record at least one of the deceased is definitively from
Latvia, buried in Talsen, and the others are possibly >from Zidikai in
Lithuania and buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn. If they were
indeed rabbis, would there be anyway to find information about them as
rabbis? For one of the deceased, I'm pretty sure is son is listed in a
subscription list >from Talsen, but I can't be too sure.


Michael Waas
Miami, FL

Talsen, Kandava, Riga)

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