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Arnold Davidson

On July 20, Ben Forman wrote:

Lev Ovchinsky's Courland book briefly mentions a Rabbi Yitzchak in
Hazenpoth who would have been Rabbi around 1835, it reads: "The rabbi
the genius R' Yitzchak was accepted there as rabbi, but due to the
arguments and controversies there he left Hazenpot and was accepted as
rabbi in a Polish town. (This is what I heard.)" It doesn't give any
more information - is anyone familiar with this Rabbi?
My maternal ggm was adopted and raised by R' Yitzchak Zeev Aronowitz
(son of Yehoshua), when her father R' Leb Hirsh, died in about 1846. R'
Yitzchak (b. about 1800) had been the rabbi of Laukuva >from about 1830.
In 1852 he became the rabbi of Hasenpoth/Aizpute until his death in 1876
in Hasenpoth. In 1866 he officiated at my ggm's wedding.

I don't know if he was the same R' Yitzchak referred to by Ben Forman.
The dates and general history don't match but, if it's not the same R'
Yitzchak, this information may help distinguish between them.

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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