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Looking for information on the following family listed. I wish to
confirm the details and update any missing facts, etc.
All help appreciated

Neil Rosenstein

G15.4. R. Aryey Leib SHAPIRO of Tel Aviv, named after his paternal
grandfather, married Mina, daughter of R. Naftali Zvi, son of R.
YomTov Lipa Heilprin (author of Oneg YomTov, >from Bialystok).

G16.1. Zvi Judah Shapiro, died in Israel, married Breina Rivke,
daughter, Solomon Isaac, son of David Shapiro
G16.2. Lipa Shapiro, perished.
G16.3. David Shapiro, perished.
G16.4. Moses Samuel Shapiro, Rosh Yeshiva Be'er Yaakov, Israel.
G16.5. Rephael Shapiro of Petach Tikva.
G16.6. Jochebed, married Mordecai Zalavansky.

G17.1. Miriam, married Isaac, son of Abraham Grodzenski (the Slobodka
Yeshiva mashgiach).
G17.2. Haim Zalavansky.
G17.3. Samuel Moses David Zalavansky.
G17.4. Pinchas, married Penina, daughter of R. Haim Kreiswirth of Belgium.
G17.5. Leah, married Lefkowitz.

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