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Bill Moskowitz

Dear Group,
I recently came across a book written by Peska Friedman, called "Going
Forward" describing her childhood, her ultimate escape >from Europe, her
temporary sojourn in "Palestine", and her marriage to Volvi Friedman, of
Agudath Israel fame. It turns out that she was the sister of R' Boruch
RABINOWICZ ZT"L, the previous Munkacher Rebbi. I aso came across a
dissertation by her great grandson:

[or http://tinyurl.com/lkac34q --Mod.]

As is clear >from the article there is little love lost between the
chassidim or the current Rebbe and R Boruch and/or his "other" family.

I have been intrigued for many years as to the nature of the split of
the chassidim and first family >from R Boruch and vice versa, as well as
the apparent change of personal ideology of R Boruch.

My hope is that someone in this group can help put together a plan of
attack, or at least offer suggestions as to how to approach the research
of this conundrum.

Thank you

Shmuel Moskowitz

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