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Ruben Weiser

I want to share with all of you the new family book I made for my second
son bar mitzvah and gave it as a souvenir to the attendants. I think it
can give new ideas to others that have the same idea on mind.

For many years I wanted to write a book about my family genealogy
research but who in the family will be interested in dates and names
like we (genealogist) are?.
Some time ago I had the idea to write for my sons bar mitzvah a small
book with 13 stories with a nice teaching of 13 of his ancestors with an
introduction to each story with information about that ancestor. And in
each story i added a picture of the ancestor or the town where he or she
lived and or the headstone picture etc. Most of the people liked the book
and started to be somehow interested in genealogy.

Anybody interested to see the book ,just send me an email and I will be
happy to send it by email in pdf format. rubweiser@gmail.com
This is the index of the book:
1)Rab Abraham Aaron Teitelbaum of Kolbuszowa (le shem shamaim honor)
2)Bolisa Levy of Aleppo (sacrifice for your neighbors in need)
3)Eliahu Reich of Rzeszow (give what god has entrusted us with)
4)Biniamin Jonatan Schwartz of Piricse (if its isint me, who then)
5)Moshe Gelberman of Rohod (achnasat orchim)
6)Rab Naftali Tzvi Horowitz of Ropshitz (everything should be properly
7)Rab Itzjak Meshulam Zalman Reinmann of Narol (And if it's not exactly
what we wanted)
8)Rabi Menachem Mendel Rubin of Lezko (what is the use of anger)
9)Nissim Juejati of Aleppo (everything is for the best)
10)Rab Shimshon Wertheimer of Wien (kidush ashem)
11)Leib Shamash of Eisenstadt (depending on gods will)
12)Rab Moshe Teitelbaum of Satoraljaujhely (waiting for the mashiach
every single day)
13)Simja Alegre kassin of Aleppo (le shem shamaim arguments)
14)Josef Weisz of Balassagyarmat (kidush ashem)

Hope it helps others to write their family histories.

Ruben Weiser
Buenos Aires

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