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Yonatan Ben-Ari

I have an ancestor named Yisrael of Ostrov who lived during the 18th
most of the 19th cent. (he supposedly died over 100 years old).
According to our family history he made aliya to Tzfat and/or Tveria
with the Chassidic aliya of the 1830s. He seems to have been a
descendant of the Mahara"l through R' Naftali KATZ, (the "Smichas
Chachamim") most likely >from his mother's side. Again according to
family tradition he was buried in Tveria but his grave hasn't been
found nor did I find his name in the ledgers of the ancient cemetery
there. (I was told that due to flooding many of the ledgers were

Members of my family believe that his family name was ROSENBAUM but
there are no documents to verify this theory. His son, who stayed in
Europe , changed their name to SCHECHTER (according to their

In the book published in the 1970s on Tveria (in Hebrew) there is a
list of family names that appeared anywhere in Tiveria, but gives no
first names nor where these names were listed. In the list there
appears ROSENBOIM but since ther list gives no sources I don't know
who this ROSENBOIM is and when he resided and/or died in Tveria.

There are two Yisrael of Ostrov listed in the book "Mazkeret Legedolei
Ostrov" who were active during the 19th cent. but there are no family
names attached to the article about them.

Can anyone enlighten me further in identifying the above Yisrael of Ostrov?

Thank you in advance.

Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach and Moadim Lesimcha and Shabbat Shalom too.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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