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Janet Akaha <Akaha@...>

Dear RavSig,

About 3 years ago Rachel Unkefer and I started a Y DNA project for
the Jewish families of the Frankfurt area who have documented
lineages that go back at least to the 17th Century. However,
because these families traveled widely, we expect that the DNA of
the Jews >from the Frankfurt/Worms/Mainz area represents most of the
rabbinical families of Eastern and Western Europe. This is
illustrated by the fact that we have several different clusters
where the oldest known common ancestor lived as far back as the
12th-14th Century. Among our members are documented direct line
male "Y" offspring of such rabbinical dynasties as; WEIL,
BACHARACH, TREVES, MaHaRaL of Prague (originally >from Worms), and
HALPERN/HEILBRONN(ER). I also have a cluster with SPIRA/SPIER who I
believe I will be able to show are offspring of the SPIRA family of
the 14th Century. I am now in touch with other of other rabbinical
So just because the name of our project began as Frankfurt, you can
see that this goes well beyond borders.

We would like to invite you to visit our new website at;

You will find "Y Family Charts" for many of the families we are
researching. As our charts differ >from normal family trees, please
read our "Start Here" page first so you can better understand this
difference. I haven't quite been able to add charts for all of them
yet, but we have about 40 charts online now. Our surname list
which appears on the home page is not exhaustive and we do not
restrict the project only to the Frankfurt area, as we know that
Frankfurt was closely tied to other communities like Hamburg, Metz,
and even Prague. But if a surname appears in the Ele Toldot records
of Shlomo Ettlinger prior to 1700, that would clearly qualify a
direct line male offspring to join. Even if you don't understand
how Y DNA can be helpful in your own personal research, please visit
our website. We have tried to explain in simple terms some of the
basics. For those of you who are scared of DNA for either privacy
reasons or a lack of science background, we have additional
information on genetic genealogy on our website that will help
clarify. But if you still have concerns or questions, please contact

I would welcome emails >from anyone who would like to assist us in in
either researching, contacting, or testing a participant. If you
think you might have a family that qualifies for our project, please
email me first. We consider surname, geography and pedigree in
deciding if someone's lineage fits. If you do not have the Y DNA
for your Frankfurt line, we may be able to help you find someone who
does. We also welcome volunteers, and I would be willing to share
some of my information (which includes much of Ele Toldot) with
anyone who would like to assist us.

Best Regards,

Janet Billstein Akaha
Corral de Tierra, California

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