Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Re: EPSTEIN #rabbinic


The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906 edition) had an article on EPSTEIN,
including a graphic family tree going back to Nathan ha-levi EPPSTEIN
in the mid-fifteenth century, ce.


It's a bit hard to read (at least in the online scanned version - I
wonder if anyone has access to it in print and could scan it at a
higher resolution?), and I'm not sure how well-researched it is, so
there may be better, newer, sources.

....... tom klein, toronto

spdenker@rcn.com wrote:

Jehiel Michal ben Aaron Isaac HaLevi born in Bobruisk 1829, died 1908;
and Jehiel Michal ben Abraham HaLevi who lived in Frankfurt Germany
died 1706.

Are there any published genealogies for these HaLevi EPSTEINs? I am
interested especially in their *ancestors*.

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