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Stanley and Shelda Sandler

Dear Genners:

I am searching for the names of the children of Nathana Nuta APTOWITZER and
Feige (maiden name unknown) APTOWITZER. Two of their children were named
Aron Isak (aka "Arnitcha") APTOWITZER and Benzion APTOWITZER. There may
have been seven other siblings whose names are unknown to my generation.

Nathana Nuta and Feige are my 3 x's Great-Grandparents (my
ggg-grandparents). They lived in Galicia, possibly in the town of Zborow
in Tarnopol Gubernia. At the time of their son Benzion's death in 1902,
Nathana Nuta and Feige were deceased.

Benzion Aptowitzer (spelled Abtowitzer on his death record) died in the town
of Zloczow on 26 July 1902. His death record indicates he is >from the town
of Zborow and is the son of deceased parents Nathana Nuty Abtowitzer (sic)
and Feigi Abtowitzer (sic). He was, according to the death record, 74 years
old at the time of his death. He was buried in the town of Zloczow on 28
July 1902. If the information on the death record is accurate, I would
place Benzion's birth during the year of 1828.

I am searching for the names of Benzion's unknown siblings (sons and
daughters of Nathana Nuta and Feige) in order to add the information to my
family history.

I am also trying to determine whether there is any relationship between my
Aptowitzer family and the renowned Rabbi Avigdor (Victor) Aptowitzer, also
from Galicia. A biography about Rabbi Avigdor Aptowitzer may be found in
the book Morei Galicia; however, there is no reference to siblings.

Thank you in advance.

Shelda Sandler

Researching: APTOWITZER (>from Galicia); BACHIN and SHAKNOVITZ (or
spellings) >from Mogilev Gubernia, Russia.

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