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I am seeking information on R Aharon Moshe Arie GIDONG (might a
nickname or a surname suggesting his origins in Goding Moravia
now Hodonin). He was ABD in Pozinok, Slovakia (Pesing in Yiddish,
Bosing in German, Bazin in Hungarian). He taught the community for
50 years until his death in 1830. I don't know when he became ABD.

I found that R Isaack Aharon LANDSBERG who was ABD in Oradea Romania
Grosswereidin, Nadyvarad) Was the son of Meir who was ABD in Pezinok.
R Isaack Aharon LANDSBERG started his rabbinical career in 1839, so
probably was born 1810-1820.

I am seeking information that may resolve the contradiction.

Jacob Shayzaf Israel

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