Data on Jewish Immigrants in Belgium or heading to US, Canada, etc. #galicia

Evelyne Haendel <haendelevelyne@...>

Hello Friends,

As most of you know, one of the major source of individual data
concerning Jewish immigrants in Belgium or emigrating to the US,
Canada, etc. is located at the Office des Etrangers Archives
Department in Brussels. The period these records cover is 1911 to
1945. All aliens had and still have to get registered and provide
information concerning their birth place, date, parents names,
personal data, etc. Many people have been able to find lost
family (lost links because of the Holocaust) and trace their
ancestors coming >from the old countries.

Decision to transfer these archives to the National General
Archives has been taken (storage problem is at the origin of the
decision and administrative disinterest) and will take effect
probably within the coming 6 months. Rapid and efficient
communication of this information, sometimes much sought for and
precious to us, is in fact the result of the personal dedication of
the person in charge of this department. I am sure those who have
benefit >from Mr. Arnhem's help can testify for it. Whether this
data will be available at the National General Archives >from abroad,
is unknown. Presently older records are available on their premises
where one is allowed to consult the records. Should they go to
scannings and emails, it would mean a totally new way of handling
records and I have personal doubts that this Administration will
consider it at least in the near future. At first sight I can't see
the incentive they would have to do it.

My recommendation is to take advantage of the short time left to
introduce queries or requests you would have concerning any relative
whom you suspect or believe may have come to Belgium whether to
settle down or heading for another country. As a reminder, requests
should be addressed to

Louis-Philippe Arnhem
Assistant Administratif
159b, chaussee d'Anvers
1000 Brussels
Tel: 32-2-206.18.88

Best regards,
Evelyne Haendel
Liege, Belgium

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