Re: Galitzaner Pronuciation #galicia

Leiah and Jason Elbaum <elbaum@...>

My mother's family are all Galitzianer >from Sasov and environs,
and I too find it frustrating that it is almost impossible to hear
this today, including just about all recordings I've found of
Yiddish songs.

I was always curious about the Galitzianer Yiddish accent and wonder
if it is derived >from the local Ukrainian? Just as in Galitzianer
we say boyrikh (for the modern Hebrew barukh), or "ni" instead of
"nu", so the Ukrainians say Lviv instead of the Russian or Polish
Lvov/Lwow, and Tarnopil instead of Tarnopol etc.

Regarding "Shaya", a close family friend, a fellow Galitzianer
named Yehoshua, was always known as "Sheeya" or "Sheeyeh".

Hannukah wishes to all,


Leiah Elbaum

KATZ, SEGAL, HOLLANDER, and PUZER >from Sasov, Zolochov, Brody, and Lviv
SEGAL >from Toporov, Detroit, MI, USA and Adelaide, Australia
LICHTSTEIN >from Punsk, Poland and Lithuania
JOSEPH >from Warsaw

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