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I can add that the archive of Leo Baeck Institute in New York (and
online) has a copy of the "Stammbaum der Familien
Levi-Berlinger-Ellinger" >from 1934. It can be viewed and downloaded
online >from the LBI catalogue:
File Name: Levi-Berlinger-Ellinger Family Collection, 1863-1974
Call Number: AR 1284

I am just looking at it now. I met Izhak RISCH in Haifa in 2001.
Till now, I did not know that he was my distant cousin via the family
of R. Juda Loew ben Bezalel, MaHaRaL of Prague (or, so it appears from
a quick look at this family tree).

All the best,
Stephen Falk
Point Roberts, WA, USA

On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 7:47 AM, Abraham A Marmorstein
mehadrin@aol.com <ravsig@lyris.jewishgen.org> wrote:
I do not know of much early genealogical writings about Rabbi Moshe
Isserles, but there is a great deal in Maalot HaYuchsin written by
Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Margulies of Brody. Rabbi Margulies (1760-1828)
was a prolific author whose output included responsa (Bais Efrayim),
codes of law (Mateh Efrayim on the laws of the high holydays, Shaarei
Efrayim on the laws of Torah cantillation, and Yad Rema and others),
his genealogical work was written at the behest of his brother (author
of Shaarey Teshuva) and was first published in 1900. I have an updated
edition published in Jerusalem in 2004, and there is also a
reproduction with notes in Rabbi Meir Wunder's Elef Margaliot.

Paragraph 6 of Maalot Hayuchsin starts to explain aspects of the Rabbi
Moshe Isserles family, he used a historic family tree in his possession
parts of which were the handwriting of his ancestor Rabbi Alexander
Shor 1673-1737, author of Tevuot Shor. His encyclypedic knowledge of
the literary output of Rabbi Moshe Isserles is also used in determining
family connections.

Paragraphs 8-10 discuss Rema's marriages and those of his childrem.
Paragraphs 11-24 discuss different aspects of his life and that of his
ancestors, including a long discussion about the erroneous biographical
details reported elsewhere.

Recently, Rabbi Shlomo Englard of Machon Tzfunot Hayuchsin, a
genealogical research institute in Bnei Beraq, publicized an ancient
family tree in the possession of Yitzchak Risch of Haifa and quoted in
his privately published Megilat Mishpachtenu (Haifa 1974) which
chronicles families Levi, Berlinger and Elinger. The only place in the
USA that catalogs show a copy of this 88 page privately published work
is in the Green Library in Stanford.

Rabbi Englard published the entire manuscript in Yeshurun Volume 13,
page 710-743 According to Yitzchak Risch's notes he heard about this
manuscript "Yichusbrieff" as a child in Germany, but only actually saw
the original in Israel in the possession of the Brillman family. The
first version was written by or for Rabbi Wolf Vilna, the father-in-law
of Rabbi Shabtai Cohen (author of Sifsei Kohen/Shach) in 1682, t was
updated and copied in 1771 and copied again in 1823 and this version
came to the hands of Risch.

Rabbi Englard's notes are copious and precise, he points out that there
are multiple omissions and this was apparently not attempting to be a
complete descendants chart. Those who have read my article on the
Horowitz family on Avotayanu Online will recall the discussion of the
Talmudic commentary manuscript of Rabbi Pinchas Horowitz (my great x
14 uncle who married the sister of the Rema) Bais Pinchas, which was in
the possession of the great genealogist Rabbi Yosef Levenstein. Rabbi
Englard questions if this commentary is truly of such provenance or
attributed in error.

This major historic family tree can be read online at hebrewbooks.org
I would also draw attention to the fact that Daat Kedoshim, the genealogy
classic on the descendants of the martyrs of Rozhinai (1685) published in
St Petersburg in 1899 is also accessible at that site, and it contains
the genealogy of Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi of Eisenstadt (Panim Meirot)

Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein
New York NY

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