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Steven Bloom

Rabbi Elchanan UNGER of Piatek and Warsaw (1824-1927) seems to have
connections to the Dabrowa Unger Dynasty, though I can't quite place
him on public trees.

from a Geni tree (which may or may not be correct) the Dabrowa family
starts with Tzi Hirsch Unger, who had a son, Mordecai David b. about
1770. Mordecai David then had 5 sons, Avraham Elchanan, Moshe, Menachem
Mendel, Jehiel Tzi and Yosef. I believe these are the ancestors of the
current Babover Rebbe, Mordecai David Unger.

A number of these names are similar to the family of the first Elchanan
Unger I mentioned above. This Elchanan was son of Mordecai Motl Mendel,
son of Natan. Elchanan's brothers were Natan, Naftali and Joel Tzvi.
Some of them were said to have been >from Dabrowa.

I am a relative of Elchanan's first wife, Shifra Halpern.

I'd appreciate any insight into the connection, if there is one. Thank

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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