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Yonatan Ben-Ari

I was given a handwritten sketch of 3 of Reb. Chaim's son Itzaleh's
children. As I've written often before , great uncle of mine wrote
that we are descendants of Reb. Chaim and have been trying to fit us
in for a long time.

The three children that appear on the sketch are:

Chava who married Zalman Moshe who had a daughter Freidel who married
Chaim DANENBERG (it seems that I'm researching DANENBERG after all)
and there children and grandchildren. There is an aside listing a few
of Aharon Eliezer DANENBERG's children. This Aharon seems to be Chaim
DANENBERG 's father.

Daughter (of Itzaleh, unnamed) who married Eliezer. Most likely FRIED.
It notes only the well known (in Israel) Prof. Chaim Hillel and Yona

Daughter (unnamed) who married the "Natzi"v, (BERLIN).

Another aside mentions a few names including YOSHPHE + Eliyahu and
Reb. Arieh LEVIN (*The* Reb. Arieh LEVIN of Jerusalem?!). It is not
clear on the sketch what this family has to do with Reb. Chaim of

To go back to the beginning: My ggreatgrandmother Sarah Hinde (I don't
know her maiden name) married Shlomo KANTOR of Karlin. One of them
seems to be a "relative" (She'er b'saro) of a Rabbi Mordechai who
served in Karlin in the mid 19century. My guess is that this
Mordechai was R' Mordechai ZACKHEIM who did serve in the mid 19th cent
in theRabbinate of Karlin. The only other Hinde I see in the list is
Chaya Hinde ZIMBALIST who was a daughter of Freidel and Chaim
DANENBERG. Could there be a connection?

It seems that this sketch was prepared by and for descendants of the
DANENBERG branch as the names Yoel and leah are encircled, being
called "Saba and Savta" (grandfather and grandmother)

A family legend states that Reb. Itzaleh served as "unterferer" at
either Sarah Hinde's or her parent wedding. This sounds a bit like
Reb. Itzaleh's daughter Rachel LANDAU, whose family is not mentioned
in the above list. I understand that both she and her husband died
young leaving unmarried orphans to whom Reb. Itzaleh may have been
their "unterferer".

Some of the more well known offprings of "my" ancestors Shlomo and
Sarah Hinde KANTOR are Reb. Chaim Dov KANTOR of Zichron Yacov and
Shfeya (Israel) and one of the Rebbe's of Breslev R' Yacov Meir
SCHECHTER. Some of the above information above, I've garnered from
Chaim Dov's diary.

If anyone knows how "my" Shlomo and Sarah Hinde KANTOR fits in to the
Volozhin tree I would be happy to hear. I've seen George ZACKHEIM's
"The Scattered Seeds" as well as having spoken to some of Chaim Dov's
descendants and the BEN-SASON children. I may not have exhausted this
ave. enough. I have a feeling that not many of Chaim Dov's
descendants are interested in geneaology as I am. If so this could
explain why family connections" may not have been their "strong side".

All the above could also explain why my grandparents, when they
emigrated to the USA >from Palestine in the the 1920s gravitated toward
Washington Heights, NY , where the SOLOVEITCHIK's lived. They of
course were also descendants of Reb. Chaim of Volozhin.


Shabbat Shalom and a Happy and Kosher Pesach to all.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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