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David Shapiro

On 5/9/2017 9:04 AM,

tom klein wrote:

There is a Rabbi Ephraim of Regensburg in the Jewish Encyclopedia,
of approximately the right time period. but his father was Isaac.
and his dates, 1110-1175 are a bit off, as well.

He could possibly be the great-grandfather, if his grandson was named
Ephraim just after his death in 1175, who then died young (25), leaving
behind a newborn to carry his name as Ephraim ben Ephraim.
In the classic (Hebrew) work "Baalei Hatosfos" by E.E. Aurbach, p. 207
of the 1986 edition, he writes that it cannot be determined that Rav
Efraim ben Efraim Hagibor who is mentioned in Pesachim 36a could be the
son of Rabbenu Efraim, and in footnote 92 there he explains in Tosfos
Shantz he is quoted by the early tosafist the "Riy", which would be

David Shapiro

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