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Yonatan Ben-Ari

My gguncle, Chaim Dov KANTOR ( of Moshav Shfeya/Zichron Yaacov) wrote
in his diary that the Rabbi of Karlin, a certain Rabbi Mordechai (no
family name given) was a "She'er Bisaro" of his mother. This Rabbi
Mordechai lived , I believe during the mid-19th century.

On the basis of some research I've done, I believe that the above
Rabbi Mordechai was Mordechai ZAKHEIM (not sure of the spelling) who
(according to Chaim Dov's diary came >from Ruzhin) who was born in
Ruzhin and served in the Rabbinate of Karlin during the mid 19th cent.
I didn't find any other Mordechai who served in Pinsk or Karlin during
the mid 19th cent.

Another clue to Mordechai being ZACKHEIM is that according to family
sources (not published ) our family has some family connection to the
Volozhin Yeshiva and possibly Reb' Chaim of Volozhin's family.
Mordehai ZACKHEIM had been a student at Volozhin.

I was told (don't remember by whom) that the rabbi of Bat Yam (Israel)
during the 1950s was a descendant of the above Mordechai ZACKHEIM.

I'd be happy to hear >from anyone who is descendant of the above
Mordechai ZACKHEIM or my distant cousins >from Chaim Dov KANTOR'S side
who know any connection to the above Mordechai ZACKHEIM.

Shabbat Shalom

Yoni Ben-Ari

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