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According to Dr. Robert Rubin Mayo >from the "Jews of Rhodes DNA
Project" there are two ISRAEL Sephardic families that lived in Rhodes.
One family was >from the Rabbinical family (which is the one I am
following, (see below). Dr. Rubin can prove which tree you are from
providing there is Y DNA.

Y DNA testing is the way to determine which ancestral line of a given
surname a male descends from. The problem that I am having is that
the male line ended with my father-in law. He had 4 daughters and all
his siblings are deceased. I do not have MTDNA >from my wife
(deceased) but do have it >from her sister. My tree with the Israel
family can be found on ancestry.com under Siegel Family Tree_2A. Below
is a relationship view of my wife's family. There is no doubt that
Ralph ISRAEL came >from Rhodes. Many names in the tree are familiar to
the family and confirmed by an oral tree given to one of the sisters

How do I prove which branch of the Israel family my wife belongs to?

Elyakim Benjamin ISRAEL (1550 - )9th great-grandfather of wife
Benyamin Israel (1570 - 1649)son of Elyakim Benjamin ISRAEL
Abraham Israel son of Benyamin Israel
Rabbi Moshe Israel (1670 - 1740)son of Abraham Israel
Rabbi Eliyahu Israel (1710 - 1784)son of RABBI Moshe Israel
Rabbi Moshe (Moses ben Eliyahu) Israel (1747 - 1781)son of Rabbi
Eliyahu Israel
Rabbi David Israel son of Rabbi Moshe (Moses ben Eliyahu) Israel
Michael Haim Israel ( - 1881)son of Rabbi David Israel
Mercada Esther Israel ( - 1890)daughter of Michael Haim Israel
Eliau Liatchon ISRAEL (1862 - 1944)son of Mercada Esther Israel
Ralph Liatchon ISRAEL (1906 - 1988)son of Eliau Liatchon ISRAEL
Betty J ISRAEL (1938 - 2003)daughter of Ralph Liatchon ISRAEL
Herbert SIEGEL You are the husband of Betty J ISRAEL

Herbert Siegel
The Villages , Florida

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