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Sarina Roffe

Genealogists may be interested in "Branching Out >from Sepharad" (Sephardic
Heritage Project, 2017). It traces the history of Jews >from Spain to
Aleppo to the Americas - 'branching out' as well as provides a genealogy
and biographies of selected rabbinic families (Kassin, Labaton, Hedaya).
The genealogy of the Kassin rabbinic dynasty is traced >from the 13th
century to the modern day. DNA testing is used in some cases to disprove
relationships. The foreword is written by Dr. Walter Zenner A'H. The book
includes over 100 photos and as many documents and letters. In addition,
chapters include research on the term Sephardic Jew, Genealogy in the
Torah, and Sephardic Naming Practices, and Brooklyn's Syrian Jewish
Community. Available on amazon.com . Proceeds benefit the Sephardic
Heritage Project.

Sarina Roffe

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the permitted one-time commercial mention of a
new book of genealogical interest.

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