Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Searching: family tree of Rabbi Hayyim VITAL (1534, Safed - 1620, Damascus) #rabbinic

Nathaniel Seelen <nathaniel.seelen@...>

We have a family story that an ancestor, Rabbi Yitzhak SHIRVINTER
(1801, Padzelova - 1856, Vilna) had a family tree written on a scroll
that traced the roots of the family to Rabbi Chayyim VITAL, also known
as Rabbi Chayyim ben Joseph VITAL CALABRESE (1534, Safed - 1620,
Damascus). We've been able to trace our family back to the late
1600s/early 1700s in Grodno, and are trying to see if there's any way
to definitively link to VITAL himself.

I'm looking for any information on members of VITAL's family or his
descendants, or advice about where else to search. Thank you!

Nat Seelen
Cambridge, MA

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