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Rabbi Elyakim Getz served as rabbi in Hildesheim and died in 1705, he
published a book titled Rapduni Betapuchim [literally Heal me with
Apples] (this title was later used in an Englishe version by a New
York Times food critic) and a responsa work titled Avnei Hashoham. His
works were reprinted by a descendant Rabbi Pinchas Zelig Glicksman in
Lodz in 1937 with a lengthy family tree.

The book is available to anyone with access to the Otzar online library,
Rabbi Glicksman also wrote a biography of Rabbi Getz which he published
in 1936. It is available on hebrewbooks.org and is full of genealogical
information. I found Rabbi Glicksman to be an extremely careful
genealogist who evaluates each source before deciding which tradition to

Hillel Maggid-Steinschneider in his book Ir Vilna (which is also full of
genealogical footnotes) theorizes that Rabbi Elyakum Getz was the father-
in-law of Rabbi Raphael Spitz of Vilna (formerly of Vienna), a brother of
an ancestor of mine. If this is so there would be a familial connection.

The famed chassidic Rebbe, Rabbi Yeshaye of Przedborz, a leading disciple
of the Seer of Lublin was a grandson of Rabbi Getz.

Maybe this is useful to some rabbinical researchers.

Avrohom Marmorstein NYC
searching more ancestral families than I can list

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