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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,

The Jewish community in Port Said existed there between 1869-1956. At
the highest point in the 1920 it had around 1,000 members. It was
composed of three groups: Adenis, Sephardic and Ashkenazi. >from the
little we know most of the time there was a Rabbi who was also the
Shochet and Mohel.

I managed to gather so far the names of the following Rabbis:

Zalel Mandelbaum- Rabbi of the *Sephardic*!!! community,?-1905

Yitchak Yedid Halevi Sephardi 1910?- 1916

Nissim Binyamin Ohana " 1920-1930?

Yeshayahu Lurie Ashkenazi during the 1930. Not sure whether
he was the Rabbi, but was the Head of the Ashkenazi Community.

Menahem Azouz Sephardic 1938

Meir Shbabu Sephardi in the 1940s

I have no idea about the Rabbis in the 1870=1890 years an have some
gaps and unclear dates in the 20th century.

Any additions will be highly appreciated.

Jacob Rosen

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