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Adam Cherson

Dear Rabbinic Researchers,

I refer you to the Divenishok Yizkor Book in the first three paragraphs
of the article by Rov Yosef Movshovitsh ben Rov Ysroel, on page 259:


I am composing a genealogy for the town of Divenishok and have been able
to complete the Movshovitsh lineage, but am not finding anything
regarding the two Rabinovitsh rabbis who were serving there for the
entire second half of the 19th Century. Apparently Yosef Yehuda had a
fine reputation beyond the town.

I am seeking any genealogical knowledge about the Divenishoker
Rabinovitsh Rabbis. Is there any available?

With Gratitude I Remain,
Adam Cherson

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