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David Ellis

I have been researching my ancestry (Ashkenazi Jewish across the board) for
about fifty years. I can trace my ancestors into Eastern Europe between
four and nine generations back >from me, depending on the branch, and I have
identified by name a total of 106 direct ancestors.

One of the main goals of my research has been to connect to one of the well
known rabbinic lines that goes back much further. I have combed through
Neil Rosenstein's "The Unbroken Chain" thoroughly without finding a
connection. The closest thing I've uncovered is that the original Kuzmir
Rebbe, Yechezkel TAUB, was a brother of my sixth-generation grandmother
Feige (TAUB) LICHTENSZTEJN >from Plock, Poland. Trees on Geni trace his
ancestry back two to three generations. Aside >from that, there don't seem
to be any direct connections. (There are indirect connections through
marriage, though.)

If anybody in this discussion group has suggestions for my further research,
that would be most appreciated.

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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