Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic RE: DNA and Rabbinical Descent #rabbinic

David Ellis

Chaim Freedman writes:

In response to Phillip Minden, yes it is possible to prove descent
from people who lived hundreds of years ago, as explained in my article at
That is using a full autosomal test, not just Y chromosome, and in
combination with the "Paper Trail".

The cited article shows DNA connections for people who have demonstrated
ancestral connections to the KATZENELLENBOGEN families that Chaim

I have traced my ancestry back between four and nine generations, depending
on the branch, and my paper trail includes the names of 110 direct
ancestors. One of my long standing goals has been to find connections to
the major rabbinic lines, but I have not been successful. I bought the
first edition of "The Unbroken Chain" and have searched the online indexes
of subsequent editions, with no connections apparent.

It is clear that all Jews of Ashkenazi descent have noted rabbis somewhere
in our ancestry, but my research hasn't reached back far enough. Is there
something that I have overlooked?

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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