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Yonatan Ben-Ari

We have a supposed lineage to the Mahara"l and the Maharsha"l via R'
Naftali KATZ (a.k.a. the "Smichas Chachomim") through his his
daughter (or grand daughter?) Shprintze and further through her
descendants a Rabbi Shmuel and his son Arieh Leib. of Kremenitz.

In the published trees I've seen , my line stops with them.

According our family notes, it seems that arieh Leib may have had a
daughter married to a Rabbi Yosef (ROSENBAUM?) who was a Rabbi in
Brezhnitz (now Ukraine). They seem to have had a son Rabbi Yisrael of
Ostrog (who was a follower of Reb. Heschel of Apta).

The book, "Mazkeret Legedolei Osrog" mention 2 Yisraels of Ostrog
noting that they may have been one and the same. My ancestor, Yisrael,
seems to havecarried the family name ROSENBAUM and immigrated to
Palestine during the first half of the 19th cent. and lived in Tzfat,
Tveria and possibly also in Jerusalem but was reportedly buried in
what is called today, the old cemetery of Tveria. I went through the
burial ledgers of the old cemetery but did not come across his name,
but was told that due to floods most of the records of burial were

Another fact regarding R' Yisrael was that his son Yosef married into
the family of the Admo"r of Lechovitz. The sons of Yisrael adopted the
family name SCHECHTER as per their profession.

Does anyone have more concrete information regarding the above Rabbi
Yosef of Brezhnitz or his son Yisrael of Ostrog?


Shavua tov

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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