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Caroline F Gries <cfgries@...>

I am looking for any info on my 6th Great Grandfather Rabbi
Isachar Baer / Behr Yissachar >from Karbach Germany, 1728-1797. His
children were : Brentel, Josef, Benjamin, Salomon, Sara and Ettel.
I was wondering if any of his sons were Rabbis.

My other 6th Great Grandfather was Mohel Jonas ben Salomon/
Jona Salomon SCHNAITTACH >from Bechhofen Germany 1711 and died in 1786
in Ansbach. Was his father Salomon Nachman ben Loew 1966 Bohemia -
1767 Bechhofen a Rabbi ? Mohel Jonas ben Salomon / Jona Salomon
Schnaittach son was Rabbi Elkan Bar Jonas ADLER 1763-1822. Were there
other Rabbis in this family ?

Im off to Israel in March where I will see Mohel Jonas ben
Salomon circumsion book where he kept his records at the Israeli Jewish
Museum. Id love to learn more about him before I go.

Caroline F Gries
Aurora, CO

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