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Dear Rabbinical genealogy Members

I am presently working on my PLATO ancestry line as my great grandfather
is Immanuel PLATO born in Koln (1863-1937). He was the Rabbi of Koln and

Thanks to the precious assistance of the Mendelsohn Akademie in
Halberstadt, I could trace back his ancestors >from Halberstadt in
Saxony-Anhalt. His father is the Rabbi Zvi Hirsch PLATO (1822-1910) and
was the chief Rabbi of Koln and the grandfather Hirsch Marcus Plato
(1756-1814) also >from Halberstadt.

More information on him in the article below
[or https://tinyurl.com/y4yusmvt --Mod.]

I found in the above article that Rabbi Zvi Hirsch PLATO would be a
descendant of R. Moses ISSERLIS.

Does anyone would have insight in this statement? I saw that Rabbi
ISSERLIS/ISSERLES has descendants in Halberstadt. Would that be an opening?

Thanks and best regards

Joelle Meyer

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