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Simon Barb <simon_barb2001@...>

I have been researching my family name for over ten years and would
appreciate some input >from Rav SIG Members.

Briefly, my family name BARB appears in the metrical records for Mostyka
- now in Ukraine (on the border with Poland) but previously in Galicia -
going back to at least 1750. Specifically:

Loemel (1761-1833), son of Ester and Salman Barb nee Holischitz

I have found no members of other BARB families this far back in the
records, other than my own. In fact, I have found no records of people
of Jewish ancestry with the name BARB but who do not belong to my family
tree until the mid 1800's.

Obviously there are other BARB families, notably Christian families
originating in (West) Germany. Many of the descendants of these families
now thriving in the USA. I have also found no evidence of any kind
pointing to the name being a contraction of other longer surnames which
include BARB.

Family oral tradition suggests that our name is in some way connected
with Jacob BERAB, the Talmudist scholar and rabbi.

I understand that BERAB was not a family name, but an honorific title
given to certain eminent scholars.

Can any member of the SIG provide more information on the BERAB title.

As circumstantial evidence of the family's connection with rabbinical
learning, Loemel's grandson, Izak BARB is included in Meorei Galicia:
Encyclopedia of Galician Sages by rabbi Meir Wunder.

Additionally, my great-grandfather Moriz (Moses) BARB married Henriette
Schrenzel, daughter of D H Schrenzel, the Lviv printer of Hebrew texts.
D H Schrenzel was himself a descendent of Judith Rosanes, the well
documented Zolkiev printer.

There are other "hypotheses" about the origins of the family name BARB,
but these fail to explain the rarity of the name.

Simon Barb

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