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I have been researchin the ROTTENBERG family >from Bucharesti, one of the
daughters Yancu married Silvestri FELDMAN and came to the United States in
December 1920 on La Savoie out of Le Havre with their two sons Filip and
Fonel. They are believed by one part of the family to have returned and
perished in one of the camps. Does anyone know to which camps families >from
Bucharesti may have been taken? My great-grandfather Jacob Simon Rottenberg
also left his sister (Mrs.?) Marcu FELDMAN of Calca Plevuer 74 in Bucharesti
in 1920 and his son Solomon who is thought to have died October 30, 1941.
Any information would be appreciated.

ROTTENBERG Bucharesti, Roumania (possibly Austria earlier)St. Louis, MO
SILVERSTEIN Galati Roumaina
HIRSCH Alexandria Roumania Teleorman District
LEIBL Sekurani Bessarbia, Khotin district Russia (Roumania)
GALMITZEN possible Galati Roumania, Sekurani Bessarabia

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