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Paula Zieselman <paulaz@...>

We had an excellent RomSig meeting at the Conference. The more than
40 attendees heard Bruce Reisch give an interesting talk focusing on
Bukovina, Romania and Ukraine. Judi Garfinkel spoke about her recent
trip to Romania. The family spent a few days in Sighisoara where they
met the only surviving Jew--a 92 year old man who was the caretaker of
a surviving synagogue! They then journeyed to Iasi. Several thousand Jews
were murdered in 1941 and thousands of others transported to a camp
in Transnistra. Currently about 500 Jews live in Iasi--the pre-WWII
population was over 32,000.

Some people wondered why we had nothing about Moldova. No one offered
to make a presentation. It is not too early to think about programs
for the 2003 Conference in Washington, D.C.

Thanks to Bruce and Judi and to Merle Kastner who presented an
explanation of where we stand with the Gyemant material.

Paula Zieselman

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