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Rosanne D. Leeson <leeson1@...>

Dear ROM-SIGgers,

Below is a list of Romanian Congregations in New York City, information
taken >from an American Jewish Year Book of 1906, which is owned by a
friend. He has given me permission to post this list to the ROM-SIG, in
the hope that it may be of help to some among you.

Please do not ask me for more information, as I have none to give other
than what is posted here.

Rosanne Leeson

"Agudath Achim Anshe Polodo Roumania"
190 Eldridge Street. Organized 1901. 50 members.

"Agudath Achim Roumanian Benevolent Association"
85 Forsyth Street, NYC. (this is the complete entry)

"Ajutorul Bukarester Handwerker"
168 Houston Street, NYC. Organized 1905.

" Jassy Kitrarske , First Roumanian"
165 Allen Street, Organized in 1903. 30 members.

Shaare Shomayim, First Roumanian American Congregation"
91 Rivington Street. Organized 1885. 45 members

Sumchath Israel, Roumenische Chevra (Congregation)"
48-52 Orchard Street (this address is the only entry information)

Tifereth Israel Anshe Stefaneshter, Roumanian Congregation"
165 Allen Street. Organized 1901. 20 members

There are 18 cemeteries but it doesn't mention any specific Roumanian
congregations using them."

Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA USA

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